Facebook For Business part 1

Facebook tests new way to connect more users on the platform ...

Hi friends, I’m jinadu Abisola Samuel.

Many of us planning or already doing business on social media most especially on Facebook.

I love facebook because, that where most potential customers are😋

Any thing you are selling, just  post it on facebook,there is  no how u will not see your customers most especially using facebook boost ads.

Before we start anything…

What is social media?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites  to promote a product or service.

The social media platform are 👇

– Facebook
– Youtube
-Pinterest  Etc

Trust me
We are focusing more on facebook

U will be wondering😂
Why facebook?

Why not another platform?

The answer coming up in the next post

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Let’s Start with Facebook 👇👇👇

Tools Needed

–  A  Facebook Account
– A Facebook Fan Page
– A Facebook Group
– A debit Card ,PayPal Account or credit card

But note

If you are in Nigeria, please make  use of your debit card also know as ATM Card


You  want to start up a business on social media most especially on facebook.

There is what I call

The Main Facebook Triangle

I want you to know that Facebook revolves around 3 things 👇👇👇

1) Facebook Personal Profile
2) Facebook Business Page
3) Facebook groups

So let take it step by step8

As a business person who’s out to really do well on Facebook, your lack of knowledge about how to effectively use them will lead you to really struggle in your online business.

There’s a saying:
When you don’t know how to use something, two things are likely to happen

1) You abuse it

2) You underutilize it.

today will be a game changer for you as I’ll open up your minds to something really amazing about the Facebook business triangle and how it works.

Let’s start from the first and top side of the triangle👇

I call this your Business Card.

Take this as a real life situation, what exactly should a business card look like and be used for?

Your business card gives accurate details about who you are, what you do, your contact and your location.

You don’t sell without your business card.

That why u see people doing RAGP Networking business always put on their customize T shirt as I’D Card.

If u are not proud of your business
U better leave the business…
U are to be proud of your business no matter worth.
Even those our ‘yahoo bois’
They are always proud calling thier self yahoo boi.
U have a business and you are selling it on facebook
No Trace that u are even selling
How will customer buy from you??
Before any customers can buy from you
he or she need 3 things from you

1) they have to know you

Yes in the process of seeing your profile that really speak about you.

They will start knowing along the line
2) they have to able to trust you

Yes, immediately they chat u up, they have see the tracy that you are into a particular product or service, your profile has build little trust in them. It now left with you how u will handle them.
3)and  they have to able to buy more from you

Your first approach matters a lot.


If a client don’t come back to buy from you, I guess u don’t treat them well.

First approach matters a lot.


Let’s check our Facebook profile, cover photo, profile picture, About U

For example see 👇

Can u see what I’m talking about, make sure your profile speak about you.

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Check the next post as we going to talk on Facebook Business page. 

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