Enugu State Confirms Fourth Case Of COVID-19

#Enugu COVID 19 Announcement

A fourth affirmed instance of COVID-19 in Enugu has risen.

This implies 4 cases have tried positive in Enugu, 2 have been released and now 2 are as of now positive.

This new case is a multi year old who used to live and work in Lagos.

As of late this individual went back to Enugu on the 22nd of April, took sick consequently and answered to a crucial in the state.

Staff of the emergency clinic alarmed the State COVID 19 reaction group days after the fact and tests were assumed the 29th of April which have ended up being sure today first May 2020. This new case isn’t a contact of the third case.

So far cases announced in Enugu have had positive travel history.

More noteworthy cautiousness at the ports of passage into Enugu State is prompted. We are presently revealing cases that are not essential contacts of affirmed cases.

The Enugu State Ministry of Health keeps on prescribing to the great individuals of Enugu State, the accompanying:

1. Remain at home as much as possible.

2. Utilize a spotless material veil day by day on the off chance that you need to go out

3. Try not to contact the front of the veil while wearing it

4. Expel your cover just from the two ears simultaneously

5. Wash your fabric veil, dry and iron it ordinary

8. Keep up respiratory cleanliness when you need to hack or sniffle

9. Look after social/physical removing consistently

10. Wash your hands as frequently as possible with cleanser and running water

11. At the point when you can’t wash your hands utilize a liquor based hand sanitizer habitually.

Call these numbers on the off chance that you figure you may have or know somebody who may have Covid-19 indications, 08182555550 or 09022333833, or the NCDC number 080097000010

In the event that I do these, I secure you and on the off chance that you do these, you ensure me.

Remain Safe!

Obi Emmanuel Ikechukwu

Commissioner for Health, Enugu State.

247 thoughts on “Enugu State Confirms Fourth Case Of COVID-19

  1. We haven’t eased locking, states are recording new cases what of the one week ease that’s about to happen? Oh God! Intervene.

  2. I pray god should intervene in this battle and safe us from this calamity we are going through, He’s the only one who can deliver us from this

  3. Everything will be fine soon. What a news… Good of TMC to always give vital infomations of the happening in the society thanks for the info.

  4. The activities of all the security agencies that are charged to be monitoring inter state movement controls should be strictly be check mated to reduce the influx of carreers from one state to the other.

  5. Audio confirmations without evidence.In Nigeria everything is possible.May God protect us all from coronavirus as we continue taking precautions Amen

  6. Thanks to the great TMC for this update, but all this government fooling people I don’t believe them, when other countries are dieing like chicken they are releasing people what are they using to cure them?

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