Eased Lockdown Not Permission For Carelessness, FG Warns

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation and Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, on Thursday cautioned Nigerians against confusing the facilitated limitations with authorization to act without care. Talking in Abuja at a preparation of the team, Mustapha said as the country moved toward the initiation of the first of a three-staged facilitating of lockdown from Monday, Nigerians ought to get and process the usage rules.

He stressed that states, law implementation specialists, exchange affiliations, bosses, organizations and residents ought to comprehend their jobs, commitments and obligations. He stated, “Most importantly, we should comprehend this is as yet a war against a concealed and intense foe. Nobody should confuse the facilitating of limitations with consent to act without care. The security specialists have been told to regard the privileges of residents while additionally guaranteeing exacting implementation.” The SGF unveiled that the significant level specialized group sent to Kano State had presented its between time report. The Federal Government had on Monday sent the group to Kano following the revealed mass passings in the state over the most recent couple of days.

Mustapha praised “the proactive authority” of Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje in the administration of rising difficulties. He said the continuous examination concerning the reasons for the announced high number of passings in the state would be sought after to an obvious end result. He guaranteed all Nigerians occupant in Kano that the Federal Government was with them and would do all conceivable to battle the spread of coronavirus in the state as coordinated by President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Kano is one of our verifiable urban areas and stays a spine for the economy of this country. The effectively settled disengagement and treatment focuses with a holding limit with regards to 274 people, the proposed foundation of extra offices with limit with respect to 500, 2 example assortment focuses alongside 6 new proposed focuses have given a solid establishment to handling the spread of the infection in the state,” he said. He said the military would set up an extra confinement place, treatment office, and a testing research facility administration in Kano State.

He said the team, in the quick, would additionally fortify the state to scale up its reaction with the arrangement of fundamental offices and hardware, limit building, improve partners’ “between stage and direction on any current strategy equipped for lessening the battle against the pandemic in the state.”

219 thoughts on “Eased Lockdown Not Permission For Carelessness, FG Warns

  1. I support this ooo
    There’s no ease of lockdown, the number of people positive to the virus increases daily, how about if it’s eased??

  2. the hunger is too much, when we are released will we surely know how to take precautions to stay safe is really not easy staying in door

  3. I guess we all know that not all of us is educated there are millions of suffering being who are born with nonchalant attitude aside of that easing this lockdown is not the point than prove it to we Nigeria where all those people who are isolated because of this virus with proof that truly they have this deases because we some of us hear the news on CNN where they were saying Nigeria government is lying about the covit-19 virus that they were taking the advantage to embezzle of money why Nigeria government why can’t you respond to the news and prove them wrong there is god and no matter how you embezzle this country money to be among powerful person in this nation kamal will still come for you.

  4. To some extent am not buying the idea of relaxing lockdown. Because with lockdown the case is increasing daily. Imagine without lockdown. . .hmmm God will help us

  5. Honesty this is just the truth, ppl should not take the lifting for granted, we should try everything possible to continue staying safe

  6. We need to be extra ordinary careful so that we won’t be carried away with the ease of the lockdown and forget that we are still battling with the pandemic

  7. themainceo is full of educating, learning and earning at the same time..its really awesome to be in this platform …thanks to themainceos for keeping us informed. God bless you all and kudos!!

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