Don’t look Down On Any body Or Miss Any opportunity.



Don’t look down on anybody and alway ready to face the battle..

the next person you think he or she can’t help might be the one to connect you to your glory.



TMC has many opportunity for you !

Are you ready to grab one ??

Remember, opportunities is just like a bird 🦅

once it fly , it might not come back again ….

what can you do to to be successful??


think of what is wrong in your community, your business and fix the problem

look for the solution and see how they will worship you !


Don’t think about your self alone and make sure you find a way to create jobs opportunity for your people!

listen to this beautiful interview with Nigeria billionaires


454 thoughts on “Don’t look Down On Any body Or Miss Any opportunity.

  1. Yes o You don’t look down on anybody at and also don’t look down on any opportunity given to you ones it’s lost it can never be regain May God Bless TMC

  2. Inspiring interview
    With passion, people oriented and the desire of making ones life count one will definitely be reach full potential

  3. Yeah we shouldn’t look down on anyone cus yesterday is history, tomorrow, is a mystery, but today is a gift that’s why it is called present

  4. You never know the plans of somebody so don’t conclude on their matter cause you are not the only one with a head that thinks good things

  5. That’s really true. Me teaching you how to make money is More value than giving you money. In fact, I’ve cheated you. But the truth is that we all want quick money and that’s where we get it all wrong

  6. Yes because nobody knows tomorrow, you don’t even own your own life, live a fulfilled life and don’t look down on anyone because tables turn.

  7. It’s absolutely true that whoever teaches how to make wealth loves you just as TMC has opened doors for every individual seeing is believing

  8. It’s very unfortunate that most times people think only of themselves. Only if we can join hands and work together, this country will get better.

  9. The stone which the builders rejected has become the corner stone, so do not look down on anybody because the person might end up being your saviour tomorrow.

  10. Believed anyone who who actually teach you how to make money loves you more than anyone giving you money ,he cannot pay all your bills ,but once you make out way to learn

  11. Don’t look down on anyone, except you are ready to pick that person up. I was told this and ever this then I learnt how to regard people including every opportunity that comes my way.

  12. this website give me a lot of wisdom I will never ever waste the single opportunity I see any opportunity that I see I will make sure I use it because because I learnt a lot here

  13. my brother my sister’s please invite your friends families to join this website if you are not yet registered on this website you are missing a lot

  14. Yeah, teaching someone how to catch a fish is the best thing ever. I appreciate TMC for always inspiring one to bring out the potentials in someone

  15. Interesting! As entrepreneurs we don’t have to look down on people but think about ways to help more people while profiting in the process.

  16. it’s very important.we shouldn’t devalue ourselves not to talk of one knows tomorrow and no one knows wat he or she is going become in the next minute….This is very important

  17. Hmmm,what a great lesson
    Never look down on anybody cause you never can tell what the future holds, best platform ever,TMC all the way

  18. I have tried different online businesses just to make cool cash , but all my efforts proved abortive. But when i came across this,all my story turned to testimony.

  19. Looking down on someone is not the best. You don’t know when u will eventually need the help of each other. All we need is to help each other. Always do good to others not only to yourself alone.

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