Different Between Themainceos and other

There are two Afililating marketing in Nigeria which are themainceos and the rest !

Before anything, let me  tell the similarity and different between themainceos and other platform!

1) themainceos is more than an Afililating marketing business while other are just Afililating marketing business 

2) you can read rich and meaningful contents and earn while other ,you can only read news and earn from it

wait, are you not tired of reading news ??

3) you can refer your friends and family and get paid by end of the week and but in other platforms, you can also refer your friends and family and get paid too …

3) you get paid without referral and other site , I was told you can get paid with referral..

4) registration is one time payment and which it’s 1600 and other are 3000 and co for registration!


1) themainceos has customer care support while other don’t have

we are the first Afililating marketing to have that

2) themainceos is the first Afililating marketing to offer services to members while other don’t and trying to copy us ..

3) themainceos Teach members how to fish in a way that ,they provide a solid Training to members to succeed in life while other just don’t care about you …

3) we share bonus by end of the money with other promise you 30k for just be reading news alone and while it’s not possible

3) we trying to make use of your time online well while other are using you to work, to generate traffic for their selfish interest..

wise up!


4) we give out loan without no interest and other Can never it and I pray they start copying us

we are the first Afililating marketing to do that !

5) anybody’s can have access to the CEO here in themainceos while other you can’t

6) we make sure we bring entertainment and business together but other only be readings news ,that all!

wise up please

7) we teach our members  rich training daily while other can never try it but I pray they start copying us.

8) themainceos is just an organization with big family and while other just open it for profit making!

9) Themainceos shows  you way to succeed  and it’s depends on how you will use it while other is for you to be reading news 😅😅

wise up

life is more than that ..



let me close it here

make sure you do something, learn something and take it to the next level…

make sure you join our social media handle for latest info


we gave out  loan to 5 members without no interest!

Next batch coming up by July and make sure you keep your points

once you withdraw your points , Please don’t bother to apply for loan with .

but you can use your points to register your friends and family and also use it to advertise

start thinking on what you can use #50, 000 to #100000 as capital

start building your business plans

Incase you want to support us!

chat us up  and as we give out the money as loan to help members to start theirs life here.

here themainceos


no body will call you to bring money for loan

Incase they do that

don’t mind them

they are scammer !

Let us be careful!

happy money making.

please work

think of what to do please…





413 thoughts on “Different Between Themainceos and other

  1. Many people don’t want to believe there’s a platform like the main ceos. A platform that servesbmire than just the ordinary.
    Way to go!!!

  2. It is very true ……other earning site are trying to be like Themainceos….but most of them don’t even pay…..while some you must have atleast two referral before they can pay you…..Themainceos is right to say other platform try’s to copy them…..I love this platform

  3. Thanks to themainceos, you are the best. Tmc leads while others follow. The only site where you get paid for commenting. Stop postponing, join us now.

  4. YOU COULD BE MAKING UP TO #10000 In a month!

    Let me break it down !

    We can teach you how to earn at least #60000 in month on VTU business, minimum of #10000 weekly as a members to start your mini importation Business.

    Mini importation training going on

    With your one time payment of #1600 you can earn that in month..

    Join or chat me up for registration.

  5. Absolutely true
    Themainceos is second to none they done just give you fish
    They also teach you how to fish
    In my opinion, I will say is the best marketing business around

  6. After the whole long talk, the video at the end got me cracking. Kikikikikikikikiki, lols…..

    Thank TMC, the brain behind this initiative will not go crumbled.

    Creativity and being distinct is just the best.

    I don’t want to get talking cos if I do, Mr. Abisola might resign and make me the Chief CEO. Lolz again.

    Good work, God bless you real good

  7. Im just so happy that tomorrow is payday, Ive introduced this platform to so many people but only few joined. Tomorrow’s alert will convince them that this platform is for real.

  8. TMC is the best platform, and I’m glad to have this great opportunity. May God guide and protect themainceos, always so he will continue to do his great work for us.

  9. Uhmmmm…. I hope this is really gonna work… Buh we aren’t earning on the website,,,, we have only few task … I just hope tmc will do something about this

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