Deaths: Kano May Have Violated Tradition Through Emir Sanusi’s Removal –Babatope

Chief Ebenezer Babatope, a previous Minister of Transport, on Wednesday said the Kano state government must look inwards and check whether it has not disregarded the social custom of the ancienstry through the expulsion of the previous Emir, Muhammad Sanusi II.

Many individuals have kicked the bucket bafflingly in the state over the most recent multi week with around 60 individuals biting the dust in one day.

The Kano State Government had said the ongoing passings in the state were brought about by entanglements emerging from hypertension, diabetes, meningitis and intense intestinal sickness.

The Sarkin Kano, Alhaji Aminu Ado Bayero, additionally affirmed that the mass passings detailed in Kano State were not from COVOD-19 as being guessed in certain quarters.

Talking in a visit with INDEPENDENT, Babatope said as Africans who esteem convention, the state government must see whether it has not damaged customary custom in the state.

“On the off chance that they are stating it isn’t connected to Coronavirus, at that point they should analyze their convention. They should proceed to see whether somebody is wronged by their custom. Having ousted their Emir, it could be a piece of their custom that they shouldn’t do that sort of thing.

“For noticeable people to be passing on like that without being tainted with Coronavirus is baffling. They have to analyze basically their conventional courses of action. I just expectation the expulsion of the Emir hasn’t got anything to do with the strange passings.

“I figure the representative must plunk down with his administrators to guarantee that they go into the foundation of this issue and see whether they have not adulterated their custom. We are Africans and we trust in African convention.

“In the event that they have degraded the African custom by the manner in which they expelled the Emir, it is risky and they should look for compensation. The demise of such a large number of individuals in only barely any days is extremely confusing and baffling,” he said.

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  1. Could this be what I’m thinking this man is also thinking. Kano state have to flashback to their wrongs. Because strange death keep occuring there

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