Good Evening TMCites,
It is day 3 of our 3 days training for the week and the new members are really catching up with the training.
Today’s training class was  quite interesting as members did great works with the assignment given in previous classes and that really proved that indeed we have wonderful creative members.
We did love to see you make money with the trainings


Below are highlights from the training.

367 thoughts on “DAY 3 TRAINING UPDATE

  1. This wonderful ideas! I love the courage of the CEO and his team in rendering selfless service that worth emulating. More grease to your elbow Sir.

    1. TMC have so much taught me a lot. Its been an eye opener. You can’t join TMC and remain the same. I don’t ever regret joining this platform at all. Up TMC

  2. themainceo is full of educating, learning and earning at the same time..its really awesome to be in this platform …thanks to themainceos for keeping us informed. God bless you all and kudos!thanks for this opportunity.

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