If you know anyone unemployed but with a Bachelor’s degree/HND or any Certificate in any of the following fields:-



1. Medicine.
2. Laboratory Science.
3. Health Information Management.
4. Nursing.
5. Environmental.
6. Public Administration.
7. Education.
8. Pharmacy.
9. Accounting.
10. Electrical Engineering.
11. Mechanical Engineering.
12. Agriculture Engineering.
13. Architecture.
14. Zoology.
15. Law.
16. Economics.
17. Civil Engineering.
18. General Agriculture.
19. Animal Science.
20. Criminology.
21. Commerce.
22. Biochemistry.
23. Fine/Applied Art.
24. Urban & Reg. Planning.
25. Mathematics.




Please, kindly extend my *Greetings to them o*




And please 👇




Let them know that Education👩🏽‍🎓 is the key o🔑







Our Leaders have changed the padlock! 🔒




E don dey tey…




In fact, irrespective of  your age, TMC will employ them/you…🤷‍♀



With no condition 👌





*In TMC, you don’t need any boss.* You are your own boss…
Youths Wake up and Learn to work your way up and not depend on anybody except your God and always believe in your abilities.



Note: Stay away from Scam or Ponzi, every way is not a way; but God’s way is the surest of them all.


  1. Thanks for TMC on dis wonderful update and in everything will do in dis life dere must be skills such as experience, training ability and so on

  2. We are in a system where by our certificate isin’t a guarantee any more, therefore we must start up on our own.. Thank you tmc for the eye opener.

  3. This is great opportunity I wish I have certificate in any of this , but I only have in office technology and management but all is well
    Thanks so much TMC.

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