Good afternoon TMCites,
Hope our day is going on smoothly?
Because ours is just as great as ever.
It is with great Joy, appreciation and Thanksgiving that we wish to announce that TMC now officially hit the 3000+ members mark.
We could have remained calm and let it slide but guess what?— we just can’t keep calm because of the joy and happiness unlimited it brings to our heart.
We actually want to appreciate God Almighty first and foremost for the ideas provided us by His bank of wondrous inexhaustible wisdom, Father may you receive all the Glory and Honour for you alone is worthy.
Secondly, we also want to thank God for using us to affect lives positively in our own little capacity today and we pray for much more in time to come.
Thirdly, we also cannot overlook you( our dearest members who in all efforts collectively has been pushing Us to become better and also give the best there is to be obtainable. We say Thank You and We love you.
Fourthly, having reached this landmark in the space of (1 month +) is indeed a thing to celebrate, because it can only be God and not any man’s effort or strength.
Finally, To all our crew (Administrative Board, Customer Care Representatives, and the CEO) may God Almighty richly bless you and give you more grace to do more.
TMC… More greater heights awaits us


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC

373 thoughts on “CELEBRATION TIME

          1. Wow, congratulations.. this is call of celebration, themainceos you are the best oo

  1. Whaoooooooo, congratulations to TMC and all its crew. I also want to congratulate all members including myself. Forward ever, backward never. Hip hip hip!!!!! Hurray.

  2. I would like to say a big congratulations to team TMC……..hitting 3000 members is a big achievement for the host of the site…….i am also happy because this is also a prove that this platform is going a long way……..more people are going to join this platform to learn and to earn……I truly love this platform……weldone guys.

  3. Wohoo wohoo wohoo.. A big congratulation to TMC.. This calls for celebration oo, oya you guys should open ur wine over there let us cheers to better days, weeks, months, years ahead… We are glad to be in this platform fa, thanks for all the opportunities and trainings TMC.. Greater heights and greater works TMC..

  4. This is good news. TMC, you are the best. Thank you for your word of encouragement, you have changed my way of thinking when bit comes to business. Kudos to you.

  5. Congratulation to the best online platform ever….this calls for celebration seriously don’t know what other people are waiting for… more win for TMC and us

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