CACOVID fund at Central Bank of Nigeria rises to N27.1 billion


• As Coalition burns through N23 billion on food purchase

The Nigeria Private Sector Coalition Against COVID-19 (CACOVID) Relief Fund, started by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has ascended to over N27.1billion, even as the Coalition said it has just consumed an incredible N23billion on the acquisition of nourishment things. an aggregate of to the

In an announcement yesterday, and marked by the Director, Corporate Communications, CBN, Isaac Okorafor, the zenith bank distributed a rundown of 123 people and associations that contributed the N27.1billion as at Thursday, April 23.

Be that as it may, the money related administrations controller encouraged all the more good natured people and associations to consider adding to the CACOVID Relief Fund in national solidarity, for satisfactory arrangement of clinical gear and materials, yet in addition to render earnestly required palliatives to poor people and helpless portions of the Nigerian culture.

The CBN similarly offered the Coalition’s thanks to all the foundations and people that benevolently gave to the store.

As indicated by the update, the CACOVID Relief Fund, domiciled with the summit bank, the money, which totalled N25billion on the last check, hit N27.1billion following new gifts from certain people and associations.

In the mean time, the Coalition noticed that the acquisition of nourishment things alone has swallowed N23billion of the complete total gave, as it focuses to contact 10 million powerless Nigerians.

As indicated by the gathering, the appropriation of the nourishment things will be done throughout the following hardly any days to reach at any rate 1.67 million family units in every one of the 774 Local Government Areas in the nation.

A portion of the contributors on the most recent rundown who gave N100million each incorporate FBN Merchant Bank, Wema Bank, Unity Bank, Heritage Bank, Keystone Bank, Polaris Bank, KC Gamming Networks Limited, Ports and Terminal Multiserve Ltd, and Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN).

179 thoughts on “CACOVID fund at Central Bank of Nigeria rises to N27.1 billion

  1. Wow this really nice .I pray this reaches all poor and helpless citizens in the country cause they really need help to sustain their self during this pendemic

    1. We are just hearing this but people are not tessifying what is really the problem where are this money hanging please look at this for us

  2. How I wish this will go round, even to the interior villages , because the are so many poor people over there who are struggling to meet two times meal. A day.

  3. I pray this reaches all poor and helpless citizens in the country cause they really need help to sustain their self during this pendamic

  4. Looters, keeping fund that meant to serve as relief to the citizens. Na inside where it’s been kept they want to use it? Spread this out for God sake, kai…

  5. Thanks for d important and I want to thank God dat at least as will seeing d country everything is going fine by d grace of God i just want to thank God for dis pandemic

  6. There are donations from almost all the reputable organization in Nigeria, but yet no one can give actual account of how the money was spent. For this country to move forward , we need transparency in anything we do.

  7. God bless you my boss, imagine this big big money they are mentioning, my body just dey do gra gra as I dey read. Imagine, how many poor have they given and they are saying they spent so much?
    Me I only blame those organization giving them huge amount like this, they shd have given the money to this who need it themselves

  8. Wow, this is really superb, so help us God for this matter. Thanks for the great update, themainceos still remains the perfect and great platform.

  9. Our government are really killing the people its only God that can save us… All we need to do now is to pray for them that God should touch there heart for change so Nigeria will be good again

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