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We are glad to announce that the long awaited business challenge is here and so we want to provide you with the guidelines and directives on how to go about it





1. You’re required to do a minute (1:00) video stating the following:


a. What you can use the money affixed as price to do.
b. How far the money can go, in shaping your business.
c. Other related information in regards to the business.
2. You’re required to attach to the video a well detailed business plan for your business.
Below is a business plan sample for guide
Business Name: I must make it ventures Ltd
I must make it ventures Ltd is a multiple purpose business which house various department with its own specialized services.


Amongst the departments are the following:


1. Fashion World.
2. ICT Services
3. Training
4. Maintenance Services
5. Etc…



This is where you will provide the following:
1. Describe what you envision for your business.
2. The hopes and dreams.
3. Why you’re getting into the business in the first place.
Example: Want to change Nigeria Economic Sector? Tell us why here.


Your business mission must be clearly state the following.
1. Explanation of what your business does.
2. Who the customers/clients will be.


Marketing strategies
Under this heading will be required the answers to the following questions:
1. What will you do to get this business going?
2. What is your marketing strategy?
3. What are your plans once this business has begun?
4. What do you intend to do to find and keep business?.


Provide the following here:
1. Detail the dates leading up to.
2. The launch of your business.
3. When you’ll be hiring additional staff or workers.
4. When you intend to secure a location (if necessary) for the business.
5. If you intend to market heavily prior to launch, indicate when that begins.
Financial Plan
Here you’ll tell us the following:
1. Capital required
2. Spending on raw materials, equipment and other related item for production.
3. Cost of Transportation for end product to customers/clients.
4. Reduction of cost plan
5. Reward (ROI and IRR) for running the business.




Prize Range
Between #20,000 – #100,000
Note: Only meant for upcoming CEOs.
1. You’re required to submit the video and business plan (a document file) to this number +23436075128 (WhatsApp only).



2. Business plan must be typed and not hand written.



3. Video must not be more than a minute (1:00).
4. Submission starts 7th September, 2020 and ends 30th September, 2020.



Note: we advice you follow strictly the instructions, as defaulters will be sanctioned with automatic disqualification.



For Sponsorship and Partnership
Kindly reach out to us on +2348136075128  (WhatsApp Only).





We wish you Good Luck!!!



From: Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Department.
Through: CEO and Administrative Board TMC.
Through: Customer Care TMC.


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