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THANK you for joining US, We APPRECIATE and VALUE you...

All thanks to our existing and new members joining us.

Remember without you (TMCites) there will be No The Main CEOs.

As you are joining and referring your friends and family to The Main CEOs which is good but always tell them, I mean explain what and what The Main CEOs is all about, please don’t give them false information, we believe when there is proper orientation, members will not misbehave...

As you all know, The Main CEOs is an empowerment and Affiliating company that pays you for any activity on The Main CEOs (TMC) as a TMCites but our major objective while you are earning is to a learn skill(s). 

This time around, we are going to follow your case until we are both useful to ourselves. I’m talking  about The Main CEOs and TMCites...

Our love no go die ( Amen)

Let us understand this 5 things now 

1. Training: All registered members are to join the Telegram group chat, mentorship group both on Telegram and WhatsApp but it depends on your package and start learning.

2. Dashboard Features: All members are to study the site to know the importance of each features on the platform, any one you don’t understand use the live chat bottom for help.

3. Affiliate Earning: As you already know, when you register your friends and family to The Main CEOs and you get paid, depending on the package you register the person on. And once it’s every Friday from 10am to 4pm you can make withdrawal and you bank account will be credited between 24 to 48 hours.

4. Activities Earning: Remember that on The Main CEOs you are required to be sure you login daily, post viral share and do some other activities on the site. Once you accumulate all the points, it can be withdraw to your bank account or use it for advertisement or do anything you want with it but it’s every end of the month you can withdraw it but make sure you are active and be aware on when to make withdraw...

Note: Remember it’s just a Bonus for me and you but learn while earning please, to make more money...

5. Advertising with us: We can help your business to grow by running Advert with us and your advert will be on Facebook, Instagram, Google and we also post your business as Viral share.

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Jimmy , Ayomide

Am grateful to be among this platform


Aishat , Drammeh

God bless the day I met and joined this train.


Odeyemi , Anthony

TMC is the best