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2021 promises to be a flourishing year for TMCites...

Good day TMCites,

It is very wonderful to have you all back after the long vacation.

You're highly welcomed to the year 2021 once again, a promising year of plenty and positive achievements.

We know you have been itching to have our training kick start for the year and we are ready to see that justice is done to that, so be ready, prepared and full of enthusiasm for the first training of the year coming up soon. See below for more details.

Note: Use this opportunity to invite your family and friends to be a part of this training and earn from their registration.

Last year was indeed a great year for TMCites under the training program but this time around it promises to be even bigger and better all thank to our formidable team in the Skill Acquisition and Empowerment Department who have great and mind blowing courses for us this year.

PS: More hot courses will be shared with all TMCite this year, because we want you to make it.

Our slogan for the year remains: 

2021... Learning and earning even while you sleep!!!

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Aishat , Drammeh

Honestly can't wait for us to kick start. God bless all TMCites


Odeyemi , Anthony

Wow... I am looking forward to seeing this happening