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Assets decision will profit you more.

The decisions you make are they an 'Asset' decision or 'Liability'?

The decisions you make are they an 'Asset' decision or 'Liability'? You should be able to screen everyone that comes your way to know if your relationship with them will be decrease or increase you.

Know that an asset is something that adds to you, while a liability is something that takes away from you.

 Before taking that step, ask yourself if it's for a long-term benefit (asset) or a short-term benefit (liability).

Investing in your Self is one of the greatest asset you can ever have while other are keeping invest on those Ponzi scheme sites why not you invest in skills and get one..

the skills you get, why don’t you develop it and start make making use of it.

Ponzi scheme  will close anything soon and new one will be out again, they will keep putting your mind Unrest but the skills , busines and good asset with you can never close unless you decided to..

As about to start main training of the year , join them, contribute, learn and make money while learn ..

Don't just be wasting time on social media posting  and doing what so ever you are doing that is not adding value.

 please Engage!!!

All those  unnecessary  things you are buying that is wasting fund from you but not adding value , why don’t you dispose  it and start a new life.

Remember Nigeria is hard and those government don’t even care about us..

So engage now !!!!!

Assets decision will profit you more.

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Ifunanya , Gloria

Well said for those that have ear let them hear ,long live themainceos


Salami , Abdulrahmon



Aishat , Drammeh

Keep up the good work TMC


Rahmotallahi , Tijani

Happy money making guyz


Iyabo , Oyelere

I can wait oooo To join the great opportunity


Gift , Nwaoloko

TMC abiakwuala ozor!. Incase you don't know, here's the big boys boat :) Join now!


Ozioma , Ndidi

Magnificent I must say, bravo TMC


Iyanu , Odeyemi

You just hit the nail's head


Arifdeen , Tijani



Odeyemi , Anthony

Hmmm.. Thanks for the update and information


Esther , Olakanmi

Yes, very important to take decisions dat will result into earnings


Esther , Olakanmi

The privilege here is dat, why you are learning, you are earning also


Odeyemi , Anthony

Thanks for the update and information