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5 businesses you can start without money

5 businesses you can start without money

5 businesses you can start without money

In our previous post, some of you explained very creative ways that you started your business with  little capital 🤩

I decided to create a list of 5 businesses you can start without capital:

1) Drop shipping: Drop shipping is simply an art of creating an online store and setting prices of goods and redirecting orders to suppliers who fulfill the orders and send directly to customers. 

2) Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is very similar to drop shipping, but the difference is you don’t get to set the product price, and only receive a commission off each sale 

3) Blogging: Blogging isn’t about just writing. You can create a photo blog  of things you think people find interesting. Eg restaurants to try out, fun places to visit. 

4) YouTube Vlogging: You can leverage YouTube to make vlogs of topical issues, interesting insights etc. 

5) Information Products: Making videos to create information about new products launched is a great way to make money 

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What's #6? Let's learn from you

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Ozioma , Ndidi

#6, offline tutoring, requires just a pen to mark and ypur brain, you can start from the comfort of your home, before you know it, you have gathered enough to either upgrade to higher packages on TMC or register as a new member and start earning while learning more skills .


Gift , Nwaoloko

2021 would be a wonderful year for entrepreneurs genuinely connected to TMC


Godson , Nwankwo

Very good one. Kudos to the team.


Aishat , Drammeh

6) Importation: you don't necessarily need to have money before going into importation. Simply paste images of goods you know will move, add your profit to the main price and tell clients payment validates order.


Salami , Abdulrahmon



Rahmotallahi , Tijani

This year will bring more blessing to us ,happy TMC


Arifdeen , Tijani



Odeyemi , Anthony

This is educative