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To those small business owners on my list, I want to talk to you today. 

I mean you that runs small business-like:

- Hairdressing salon

- Barbering salon

- Foodstuff shop

- Pure-water business.

- Boutique

- Shawarma/Bole spot

- Pedicure & Manicure.

- Tailoring

- Shoemaking.

- Phone/laptop repairs

-Bend down and select the kind of business.

- Dry-cleaning business

- Phone Accessories shop etc. 

In this CAC Business Registration I ventured into, I've seen a lot of business owners lose their brand name to someone else  just because of procrastination or ignorance of what they don't know.  

And most times, this is as a result of the LIES they've been fed with by those so-called lawyers and accredited agents.

Don't think that you've to grow, and become globally like those big big companies before the need to formally register, legalize, and certified your business will come. 

That's a big LIE that seeks the downfall of your business.

If truly, you've your business at heart – you'll take the bold step today to obtain just CAC Business Name Certificate for your business. 

See, not that I don't know that the CAC certificate might be insignificant to you right now, but mark my word, inasmuch you're in business, and a day will come that you'll need it to open some business doors.

Take it or leave it one day you'll see the need to register that your business name with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

1.The need may be as a result that you want to sources for funds to expand your business.

2. The need may be as a result that the Federal government is giving out grants, and your proof that you are in business is your CAC business registration certificate.

3. The need may be that you want to participate in an entrepreneurship program, and your access code is your CAC certificate.

4. The need may be that you want to submit a business proposal or travel abroad for a business conference, and your passport is only but your CAC certificate.

5. It might be that you want to secure a business contract, and your investor demand to see your CAC certificate.

See, inasmuch you're in business this day will surely come. 

No need of perching on the fence as a business person. Get certified today!

Just hire me, and I'll serve you professionally. 

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I have a track record when it comes to this  area.

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