Hi TMCites

how you doing ??
We thank for this month trainings, members goods arrived from China , members referral paid out, over 200k paid out, fasting and prayer and a lot of business opportunities..


this arrived on the 24/06/2020 and lot of members still expecting theirs goods From China…

you can check here for more testimony


This  month about business opportunities….

We talk about VTU Business….

how you can start making money by  selling data and cable tv and make passive income…

Incase you missed the post check here  

you don’t need much capital, you can start with 2k even 1k self…

don’t forget to refer your friends and family and cash out weekly..



We also talk about selling of plain tee which is trending now in the market!

You can start with drop shipping and co or you can start with at least 12k for one dozen and make massive profits

Incase you miss the post, click here 

we ended this month Training with Real Estate  Business and we expect everyone should have through with the property’s registration because as from Monday, we start uploading those properties on the site, copy the write up and post it on your status and immediately you see interested buyer, chat us up and immediately we are done with transaction, be expecting the rate of 500k and above but depending on the total package of the property..

now just imagine you get paid of 300k now , what will you do with it ??


Note, remember to have access to the properties to sell , you need to be a member of themainceos, and be trained on real estate business and have your links ready…

Incase you don’t see the links on the telegram group chat



fill it now

Billionaire Realtors Group:

Landwey Investment Ltd:

For Amen Estate Phase 2:

Adloyalty Business Network:


EUC Homes Ltd:


Once you are fine with your registration and immediately you see an interested buyer, chat us up with your link…


This where you need to be checking every month for the property of the week, HERE

we told members,this month

they should get ready for the competition to make sure they win it…

remember, the competition is for members and non members and it will be very painful if non members win the competition…
So get ready please


After from referring your friends and family and catch us weekly!!
a lot of people has been sharing a lot of testimonies

don’t be left out..

do something

make something happen

don’t just be wasting time…

some people focus on referring and they are cashing out big time weekly, pls invest and do something.

this competition coming up , you can make sure you win and use the price to start up business!!!!


make sure you do something before something do you…




206 thoughts on “JUNE FEEDBACK

  1. Thanks for updating GOd bless you I am interested in those businesses but I lack capital.please help GOd bless you more anointing in Jesus mighty name amen.

  2. I don’t even know how to appreciate this, but am very sure The most greatest father (God) appreciate more than me for all of your enpowerment @themainceos

  3. Thanks to the TMC crew. I have started from selling plain t-shirts but my challenge now is capital. I have alot of orders but I can’t meet up for now because of lack of capital. Any help you can render will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Kudos to Themainceos, the update was exceptional and ways to kill poverty! By starting up a little biz. No knowledge is a waste… Kudos to TMC

  5. Just joined this month and I must say I’m totally impressed with the work you guys are doing here. It’s more important to know how to fish than to be given fish all the time.

  6. This real estate management training is just an opportunity for me to have knowledge in that field and a greater opportunity to be a realtor
    Thanks to TMC for all u re doing..

  7. Thanks for updating GOd bless you I am interested in those businesses but I lack capital.please help GOd bless you more anointing in Jesus mighty name amen.

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