Good evening,

We want to make some few updates using this announcement.


1. Every member of TMC should open a Twitter account and follow our Twitter handle @Themainceos


i. Starting next week we will be sharing viral share on Twitter.

ii. Easy access to contact.

iii. We want to take over Twitter.

iv. There will be giveaway on Twitter.

v. First 100 persons to follow our Twitter page will be rewarded.


2. Every member of TMC should join our Facebook group using this link


Note: there will be giveaway on our Facebook group


3. TMC Giveaway will be done the following platforms:

i. Site

ii. Twitter

iii. Facebook


4. If you submit your complaints to the customer care representatives, kindly wait while they work on it and notify you when they resolve it and also if after 24 hours your complain has not been resolved you can contact them again.


5. For those who successfully requested for payment, we say congratulations as you receive your alerts starting tomorrow and those who could not request for payment, we kindly ask  that you bear with as next Friday will be another day.


Thanks for your understanding


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC

Through: Customer Care TMC

386 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. Waiting for this day to come o. 11-16th intensive training. Till then God will spare everyone both the facilitators and the listeners/students

  2. I don’t understand….are u referring to the affiliate referral withdrawal or the activities earnings withdrawal we requested on Tuesday

  3. I have tried different online businesses just to make cool cash , but all my efforts proved abortive. But when i came across this,all my story turned to testimony.

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