Good evening TMCites,


We want to quickly address the complains been forwarded to us through our customer care representatives about TMC points for Viral share not adding up for members.


We would like to say that it is very unusual of such complains and we want to thank you for having brought such abnormality to our notice.


We will work on it as soon as possible, so  we ask that you remain calm and patient as we fix it.


Accept our deepest apologies for inconveniences caused.


PS: Every Upline should forward this message to their various downlines to keep everyone informed.


Thanks for your understanding


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC

Through: Customer Care TMC

271 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT

  1. Its wonderful the way the customer care unit treats every issue with great concern, ease and professionalism.
    Keep it up guys.
    You’re the best.

    1. It was a situational bonus. At that point when you friend registered, TMC gave out 7000points to every user because some points were initially deducted from some users’ account. Hence, to cover up for that, every user was fortunate to have a whopping 7000points.

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