All TMCites Must Read This

Good morning TMCites..

how are you doing ??


Hope you guys watch the drama been acted by nddc MD ??


The drama was very funny but it’s painful to me and you if you think deep..

Our leaders has failed us big time, it’s now left for you and me to think and find a way out…

Let start from here

congratulations to our miss TMCites

Miss Alhassan Blessing

Among her mates, she won

she want home with sum of #10,000

just imagine it’s #1000000

that how she will also win it ..

TMCites , don’t always scared negative results

just try it and see


We going to try our best every day and God will give us the Grace to continue and the other competition is still going on.


Last week , over 50 members used there points for registration

means that 1600*50 = #80,000

that over 80k

you guys are making money ehn!! Congrats oh

we gave you series of opportunities to make money.. if you can’t get it just be praying to God to shout you ways you can make money on

Incase you also want to make use of your activities points and see the usefulness of activities points check here 

A lot of members are doing business and learning skills

Imcase you miss some business and opportunity on themainceos, Read this  


Member’s are getting goods from China daily all because of themainceos

We got that yesterday


This one arrived today..


do something before something do you…


this information is very very important..


All members should please move to telegram group chat..if you are not on the telegram group  chat.. no bonus for you..


how can you join the class, login to your dashboard and follow the instructions..


Everyone, join us by 4pm as we continue our training..

please, learn a skills , learn trade and use social  Media skills to back it up..

Please do business and God be with us all.

happy money making TMCites



86 thoughts on “All TMCites Must Read This

  1. Wow congrats to my best friend blessing alhassan on you successful miss TMC won. And thanks to TMC for their good work so far. I love this update.

  2. Yes Sir, I did watch the whole drama yesterday, the drama was funny indeed. Let me say Congratulation to the winner. Thank you for the update TMC.

  3. May God have mercy on us in this country and deliver us from the hands of the callous wicked leaders in Nigeria they’re pretenders domestic colonial masters this is revelation TMC we need more just like Oliver twist thanks

  4. Congratulations to our miss up there and about that stupid man if I was there I would av slapped him that he would faint as he wanted and wake up immediately

  5. Being on our telegram group chat for today only ? Is it for everyday till this week comes to an end ?. . if you are not on the telegram group chat.. no bonus for you.. I need this bonus ooo pls tmc

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