About us

About us

The Main CEOs is a combination of various brands coming together to building entrepreneurs in Nigeria and the world through our various programs.

We are keen about the business world and transforming businesses using online tools available such as internet marketing, E-commerce, etc to grow and build your local and international business on social media space.

We are commited towards publishing of quality content relating to business and other related topics to balance the psychology of our members to enhance efficient and effective performance in their selected field of focus.


Mission and Vision statement



Our mission are as follows:


  • Create jobs.
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Reduce crime rate.
  • Reduce depression.
  • Educate people.
  • Develop the economy.
  • Support government in creating a better society.
  • Provide alternative sources of income.
  • Creating a community of people, helping each other to grow.
  • Share ideas




  • Providing business opportunities and alternative sources of income through our skills Acquisition program.
  • Providing of interest-free loans
  • To create an affliate program for income generation.
  • We believe strongly in the power of ideas to facilitate personal development and change lives in the world.



This program is specifically for people who are in need of;


  • Jobs or Business
  • Higher income
  • Alternative source(s) of income
  • Skills Acquisition and personal development