Who We Are

I will not rest until I achieve it.

I am on a mission to help and empower 10 million people(youths) through [Themainceos] in the next 30 years to start, grow and scale profitable and successful businesses or careers using smart digital marketing skills, channels and strategies. 

Our focus is on youths, singles mothers and widowers/widows. Most especially the students schooling 

This is a very big deal for me and my team because what we do does not just impact the people we empowered but monitor them to create value and wealth for themselves.

Means that 

We create jobs 

Themainceos vision and mission is to big and we seeking for investors and sponsorship to achieve it.

Achievements so far as at 17 /08/2021

We (TMC) have been able to create quite some success stories in a short time of being in business and we will be sharing some those stories briefly:

1. We (TMC), have successfully trained over 6,000+ members on Digital Marketing, Mini Importation Business, Households Training, top hot selling skills both online & offline and also providing mentorship for over 4, 000+ members also online.

2.We (TMC), as part of our empowerment program did provide our members with interest-free loan, in supporting their businesses.

but this time around , most loan with no interest will be given to students schooling ❤️

3. We (TMC), also provided our members with earning opportunities through our affiliate program and we have lots of testimonies from our members.

#Getting payment weekly.

4. We (TMC), has created a lot of sales lead,brands awareness and positions theirs business on the right channels.

5. In term of im(ex)port we (TMC) received goods daily from other countries most especially from China all because of #themainceos.

6. We (TMC) has successfully hosted some offline #seminars for some organization like RAGP , Kedi , CSGV,  and many more offline 

7. We (TMC) has built a lot of youths in term of helping them to discover there talent which is the one of the most sweetest things that has happen to me 😋

8. We (TMC) has successfully hosted Free competition for upcoming entertainers and season two coming up soon 

9. And many more.

About Me

I’m Jinadu Abisola samuel ,  A student of the polytechnic, Ibadan. Studying marketing.

I’m Serial Entrepreneur,Im(Ex)porter and Philanthropist.A Digital Marketing Consultant and CEO of Themainceos with vast hands-on experience and knowledge in working with various clients in different industries in the World .

I am a young passionate serial entrepreneur with an obsession for digital marketing. 

As a hardworking person, training people and putting smiles on people has always been my happiness.

I’m a social media manager for various brands and I can handle yours.

I am the founder of high-growth company 

#THEMAINCEOS ( RC 1671809)

Under Themainceos we have 

1. TMC Affiliate Earning Program

2. TMC Training Program

3. TMC VTU business program 


5. TMC Empowerment (Interest free loan) program

6. E~Commerce platform 

7. TMC real Estate 

8. TMC logistics and Tmc radiation shield.

Through my agency and training programs, I have impacted over 6000+  people directly since 2020 and has impacted much more indirectly in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

In as we train, we have a whole lot of services to offer and they include but limited to the following:

1. Social media management 

2. Social media advertising

3. Printing services

4. TMC logistics

5. Website design/ development 

6. Real estate management services

7. Business or brand name registration under CAC 

8. Verification of Wechat account

9. Business consultation 

10. Digital skills acquisition training

11. FREE Empowerment program 

And lots more…

In Africa, #The_Main_CEOs is the only platform that renders  success unique services and care about its members (TMCites).

Remember, #The_Main_CEOs is owned by God but Jinadu Abisola Samuel is just managing it for Him.

We lead and they copy us ❤️

The uniqueness of #The_Main_CEOs lies in its profitability, viability and sustainability and that's catch a lot of potential people with us.

P.S Jinadu Abisola Samuel has been in the industry for 7 years now but Themainceos is just  1 year 4 months  at as 17/ 08/2021.

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