Good day TMCites







Trust you having a great day already






We did want to provide you with the following announcements.






Testimonial Challenge Update
We wish to remind you that the TMC Testimonial Challenge is still on going and members have been submitting already and also awaits yours because everyone part of this one big family is valued and cherish. Without you there won’t be Us (TMC).


The Testimonial video in regards of what TMC has done for you and your experience with The Main CEOs since joining us.


1. Video is to be submitted to +2348136075128 (WhatsApp only)
2. Submission ends on 31st August, 2020.



3. Video must be a minimum of 1:00 minutes and maximum of 2:00 minutes






Telegram Training Group


It has been noticed that many of our members are ignorant of the existence of our training group on Telegram and we want to use this opportunity to let them know of it’s existence and the need to join us, as we do all training in the aforementioned group.


Note: You can join the group through the link provided on your dashboard. If having difficulties with joining kindly chat any of the customer care representatives.




Thanks for your understanding and await your prompt response.
From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC

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  1. Sorry for dropping two comment, I forgot to add this to my previous.

    I will suggest all uplines shoule endeavour and carry their downlines along.

    Most people chat up and ask questions that answers ought to have been provided too on the day they paid to get registered where as I wasn’t the one who registered them. Pls everyone should take note.

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