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    1. I pray he ll found and arrested soonest because it seems to me like he knows everything concerning the death of Uwa.. May God continue to rest her soul

    1. Say no to rape buh we ladies too let be careful in way we dress,walk nd address men..modesty in all we do.u men also learn to take off eye

  1. Yes o. They need to come and answer that question. There’s absolutely no excuse for rape. The male child should be trained to respect women.

  2. This as created fears in the heart of some ladies,they can’t move freely again,justice must be serve this this goat,such a disheartening incident

  3. Rape everyhere..may God keep our ladies safe..mind u no b only ladies dem.dey rape…guys too are being raped but nobody cares cos we’re stronger sex

  4. In life it is good to do what is right,don’t allow you emotions to control you, allow the spirit of God to live in you,replete with God there is nothing too hard for him to do embrace him now.

  5. That’s guy must be found, how and why on Earth shd someone b killed because she is dating 2 friends??
    That guy mus say that he knows abt uwa death

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