We are glad to announce that our E-commerce platform for business is officially launching tomorrow (1st July, 2020) and so far we have about a 1000 subscribers registered on the platform and so therefore, we would make available the link for our members to register their business and start placing their advert.



We duly want to note that our E-commerce is a global platform where business owners are provided with the opportunity to advert their products and services to a wide range of customers/clients all around the world.




We created this platform for the ease of business for members, because we do sincerely consider the welfare of members both those starting up and maybe having issues of finding a shop and also for those who have shops already but finding it difficult to get their products to much customers/clients.




Subscription Packages
There are 3 packages you can choose from on the E-commerce platform which are as follows:



Individual (#2,000)




Business (#5,000)




Premium (#10,000)



Below are the requirements for advert placement.
1. Good image of your product (high quality preferred).



2. Address (we advice you use a real and correct address as any fake address will attract account termination).



3. Email



4.Valid phone number.



5. Product video (if your product has an explanatory video in terms of usage).



Note: Video are to be uploaded to Youtube and then video link attached to the product when uploading.




TMC Point Usage



We would love to inform our esteemed members that TMC points can be used to subscribe to the following packages:



Requirements: 10,000 TMC point and #1,000




Requirements: 20,000 TMC points and #3,000


Below is an example of how you account on the platform will be:


Watch on to how upload


From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC


  1. This is a very great opportunity for all. You can now see the usefulness of our activities point. Even if we don’t get paid, it’s will be useful for this e-commerce.

  2. Jinadu Abisola Samuel, hear the word of the Lord from my mouth, u will be greater than what you ever imagine in life in Jesus name, as u are making life easy for people, your life will be easy and songs of praises will never depart from your mouth

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