Success, they say, is found on our daily routine.
The daily routine of most youths in this country today is Facebook.
Reading negative contents, arguing, cursing, fighting and blaming someone.
An average person spends 12 hours on Facebook everyday.
12 hours?
That’s right.
Imagine what you can achieve if you put that time in any business venture.
Some people waste their time online with the disguise of “I work online“. Without actually doing anything at all Stop deceiving yourself.
Really some people work online and make good money but most people don’t make a dime.
They are busy reading trending negative news and engage in word battles in comment boxes of bloggers who use their traffic to grow their blogs.
Most Nigerian youths do nothing productive on Facebook other than insulting each other and absorbing negative news.
To this group I say STOP.
Life is too precious to be wasted.
Do you know that Facebook addiction is depressing?
Do you know that Facebook addiction makes you unproductive?
Do you also know that Facebook addiction causes you to lose creativity?
The more you stay on Facebook the more you feel empty and powerless.
You think you’re learning things online by reading good posts of intelligent people.
Guess what?
You’re simply wasting your time. I know your mind is telling you I am wrong.
Check your bank account and ask yourself how much money is there, generated from Facebook work?
Do you know Facebook makes people more angry than happy this days?
You just get sad and worst you can’t just leave Facebook.
Its called ADDICTION.
It leads to depression.
I have been there before.
Because all you see is rape, riot, covid, politician talking nonsense, bloggers feeding you with Regina Daniels pregnancy or Bobrisky madness.
What impact do this negative news have on you?
You’re dying instalmentally and you don’t know.
One day you will wake up and look in the mirror and realised you’re now a very old person with nothing to show for it because you wasted the most productive time of your life (your youth) on social media doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING thinking you’re doing something.
The negative news you so desperately want to read, do they make you more money or more happy?
Instead, they make you more sad and more broke.
They just give you a useless topic to talk about.
NO, stop wasting your life.
Get off the app and engage in meaningful venture.
Sometimes calculate how much data you spend monthly on social media, times by 12 and times by 50 years.
You would have built a house!
You will know how much this app has cost you.
My only message today is this:
Pay attention during your day, watch what’s going on.
Surround yourself with people you respect and admire.
Find people whose personalities and achievements stimulate, fascinate and inspire you, and then strive to assimilate their best qualities.
This is called the skill of selecting.


Don’t waste your time on the silly and the shallow.
One of the major reasons people don’t do well is because they keep trying to get through the day while a more worthy cause is to get from the day.
We must become sensitive enough to observe and ponder what is happening around us.
Be alert.
Be awake.
Often the most extraordinary opportunities are hidden among seemingly insignificant events.
Be a good listener.


Find a voice of value and stay for a while.
With so many voices vying for your attention, you need to develop the skill of selective listening and only dial into the radio station that appeals to you.
If a voice is not leading to the achievement of your goals, exercise caution in how long you listen.
And go invest your time in more productive and fulfilling venture.
It’s past 9am. Time to go to work.
You can decide to stay on Facebook and argue, curse and do constructive criticism when you have not constructed anything in your life.




  1. YES.. True talk success is built daily,it is not a day something but something to be worked on everyday in order to achieve and attain that great success so never proscastinate but instead be very hard working.

  2. What a message to the YOUTH, The update was superb. Don’t be idle youth of nowadays, no condition is permanent, start something. The future is great for those that strive to work harder!!!! TMC4LIFE ❤️

  3. started no matter how small. Never wait for th perfect moment, because the perfect moment might not come.Time is very very essential…. Thanks for this

  4. Thanks for d update from TMC will just try utilities our time in anything will are doing it doesn’t mean dat we will spend 12-24hrs mostly on social media

  5. Time is life.
    We need to use our time wisely… Some are just on social media doing nothing and. Be wasting data.
    Tmc is really a. Great opportunity for us all

  6. Even the bible says there is time for everything this is the time to gather for future harvest may God guide us in using our time at the right time

  7. Hmm! If not for anything ehn! But for the daily advise here, I always wish to come read because they do have in my thinking faculty….. I do appreciate TMC for this.

  8. Don’t be idle youth of nowadays, no condition is permanent, start something. The future is great for those that strive to work harder!!!! TMC4LIFE

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