Good day TMCites


We trust you are doing great and enjoying your TMC journey.


Today we want to make some points very clear and also be very specific and exact with our announcement.


We say enough is enough!!!


We have been trying our possible best to keep things cool but its now very obvious that those we are trying to protect their image irrespective of their unscrupulous acts do not want to correct themselves but today we want to say in bold letters black and white because they have refused to be wise and change.


This announcement will be patterned in headings and detailed explanation given.


Relieve of Duty
We want to officially announce that the following underlisted names are no longer working with TMC and as such we advice that no further transactions in respect of TMC should be done with the listed persons here. Please we would love that you strictly adhere to this instruction as any transaction done with these person with will not be binding on TMC or in any way make TMC liable for any issue emanating from such transaction.


            Name                                                                                Former Position
  1.  Emepuru promise                                                                  E-pin Vendor
  2. Atintunde shukurat                                                               E-pin Vendor
  3. Gift Nwaoloko                                                                          E-pin Vendor
  4. Awoyemi Olarenwaju                                                            E-pin Vendor 
Reason for their dismissal
The above persons were dismissed because of the following:
Insubordination: some of the names listed above at some point during their service to TMC constituted a faction in planning a coup to usurp the CEO and TMC but thanks to the God of TMC that never sleeps nor slumbers their plans were thwarted.
Abuse of office: some names above, after given the privilege to work with TMC took that office for granted by using the platform TMC gave to them to act as up line to many person and also head group in which these person are to advertise other businesses (Networking, money doubling scheme, reading news platform, crypto currency, etc) to these group of persons, and we strongly kick against such from members talk more of TMC office holders. We will be talking more on the aforementioned businesses pretty soon.
Self aggrandizement: the aforementioned names through their actions showed a great level of greed and selfishness on their own part in the course of their time with TMC by deceiving our members into some business that will only benefit them only without having to consider their welfare. We at TMC have selflessness and spirit of carrying along as one of our core values.
Abandon of Office/duty: Some of the person above at some point before their dismissal abandoned their over sight function of taking care of TMC members in their respective WhatsApp Groups and this is something we seriously frown at because every TMC member deserves a right and fair treatment irrespective of position.
Example: A member called to complain that he called and chat his up line to put him through something about TMC and the response he got from this up line was that he should not disturb him because his busy with another business he is into and it was quite displeasing to us. We sincerely apologize.


We at TMC want to thank and appreciate the above mentioned names for their service to TMC during their time in office and we pray that may God bless your new hustle and measure back to you with the same cup you did measure to us.


Good luck to you all.


Note: Always check the verified E-pin Vendors list for pin purchase.



From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC


  1. I so much appreciate CEO for spelling out their names, I would have become a victim if I have not seen this information. I love you CEO. God bless you..

  2. Thank you for the information themainceos. I can’t question you on what actually happen with your former workers. But I believe u know the best and the reason why u decide to stop them from working for you.

  3. Thanks for informing us a least we can now differentiate from our right and left and i pray that this platform will continue to grow massively… Amen.

  4. Thank you for the information themainceos. I can’t question you on what actually happen with your former workers. But I believe u know the best and the reason why u decide to stop them from working for you.

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