I saw a man yesterday who I know used to own a car few years back. He was driving Okada (motorcycle) and looking shrewd under the hot sun as he hustled for money.
What led to his sudden down fall? Hmm….. I know the answer:


“When life was good he spent his money buying liabilities instead of assets. Now he uses the remaining the money to maintain those liabilities thinking life will always be good.”
But unfortunately, he failed out of luck – life changed. He has used all his money for luxuries with no investment to sustain him. And now he is in economic distress. He now struggles to even have two square meal.
Life has only two seasons – the planting season and harvesting season. You can’t harvest before planting. You plant before harvesting.
Never eat your first seed, plant it. You can’t eat your cake and still have it.
Learn how to invest, don’t waste.
Because no condition is permanent.


Better a little caution than a great regret. Be wise.


          1. Food for though, a word is enough 4 a wise…don’t use all d 10fingers to eat.

  1. Yes it a fact when having money don’t just spent it on something unnecessarily all in the name of “”karimi”” for you not regret on it later after your downfall

  2. Yes, do not let us be like those Yahoo boys who spend all their money on cars and luxuries, but like Dangote who invests all of his money

  3. Fact at TMC, Plant your seed and your future ‘NOW’… Don’t be wasteful, Time changes. May we not be blame on ignorance and over lavished Ness at future, #Bewised. TMC4LIFE

    1. Hayaa what a pity. But I know one thing. If you know how to kill . there is a reword for that.. An if is the other you can do, there’s a reword for it too.

  4. Investment is the key to future .There are so many companies with good reputation now that one can invest in instead of purchasing liabilities. For example, farms, real estate, import and export etc

  5. Thank you very much for the information, there is nothing like investment, in life that you can not predict ,don’t eat it all no matter how little it please save some, for tomorrow

  6. Indeed! No condition is permanent cos Time is a game changer as TMC makes is to realise this. I just thank Hod for making me come across TMC it has has a great impact in my way of thinking.

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