But let me give you the 3 bed rock rules of building wealth. You must write it down and memorize it.

Number 1: You must learn to live upon less than you earn. Meaning, live below your means. Don’t buy expensive things to impress people. Cut cost so that you can save.

Number 2: Seek advice ONLY from those who are competent through their own EXPERIENCE.
Meaning, before you go into any business, seek advice of people succeeding in THAT business.

Don’t take business advice from employee.

Don’t take transport business advice from clothe dealer.

Don’t take financial advice from broke person.

Number 3: Learm how to make money work for you. Meaning every money you earn, a part of it must be sent to work to earn more money, after following advice number 2.

Money must make you money.

Don’t put money in bank, put it in business or investment to produce children.

After you learn the above principles, you’re now qualified to handle wealth.


Mr. Nelson Nwamara

Author, Speaker and Business Coach


  1. Thank God I’m not the type that can’t take eyes off things,I cut my coat according to my size,imagine seeking advise from someone that can’t even save money to buy shoe‍♀️Thank you for this

  2. Definitely noted every bit of the 3 rules that guides building of wealth .Thanks boss but the last advice of number 2 got me thinking which says
    “Don’t take financial advice from broke person” lol can it even be possible.Anyone that goes to a broke person for advice like what is the person thinking sef hia!

  3. This is a great secret you jst passed to us and to become a successful person is nt a one day job dere must be rules and regulations an individual must follow

  4. 1. Jst imagine a successful man has is business and employs workers working with him he must be honest to his surbordinates 2.A successful must be truthful and obedience to his workers 3. A successful man must provide d needs of his workers like shelter, money,food and other items

  5. In life there are principles of life likewise principle to attaining success or Benn wealthy in life. TMC group just gave us a clue to that. Thanks TMC.

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