Living in a country like Nigeria or Africa as a whole, we have a lot of challenges to overcome when it comes to being financially free or independent.
If you want to earn more than you currently earn, you will need to take some bold steps, especially if you are not from a wealthy background.
You do not need any connection or help from any government person. All you need is the right steps with the right people that will lead to your success.


Note: Many persons have people who are in positions to help them but they don’t get even a dime from such persons, so you have to work out things for yourself.
Below are 5 steps to help you understand this better.
1. Believe in yourself and believe that you can do it.
This is what they don’t teach you in school, the only way you can change your life is to first believe that you can. Stop doubting your dreams, just give it a try.
2. Be open-minded about your career, forget everything you know.
The fact that you studied a particular course in school doesn’t mean that you must make money from it.
Some studied Mechanical Engineering and have fully dumped it and become an internet millionaire. Also some medical doctors who left and became entrepreneurs. Forget everything you think you know, focus on what works.
3. Learn a new skill that is ‘monetizable’ online (Focus on the money).
Even if you have no skill, what’s the big deal. A lot of less talented people are making millions online every month not because they are smart but because they took action on their dreams.
It does not matter how dumb you think you are, but if you could spend 6years in secondary school and over 4 years in the university to learn something that pays you peanut salary a month, comparatively with learning a new skill in maybe 2-4 weeks that pays you more than that in a month?
4. Be ready to fail, and try again till you win (Never give up).
Failure is an important step in winning at anything. If you never failed it means you never tried hard enough.
You have to open your mind to getting it wrong sometimes so you can get it right. Don’t let the fear of failure push you away from chasing a money-making opportunity. Failure is good, it means you are getting closer to being a winner.
5. Learn from someone who’s already doing it (Get a mentor).
The biggest mistake some made when they started was trying to get it right by themselves. This may take them years and will have them get a mentor before they could be able to succeed.
Trying to do it all on your own will crush you because you will make mistakes you could have avoided if you learn from someone. A mentor doesn’t have to be physically present, you can learn from trainings, books, video courses, seminars etc.
But it is a very important step because even the world best like Tiger woods and Lebron James all have mentors. Trying to do this on your own will break you and trust, you do not want that.
Each of these steps mentioned above will bring you one step closer but requires a lot of discipline and action-taking.
So if you are tired of being broke and you want to change your life, then this time to make a decision that can let you fire your boss before they fire you.


The world youngest female billionaire Sara Blakely said:
“The biggest risk in life is not risking. Every risk you take in life is in direct proportion to the reward. If i’m afraid of something, it’s the next thing I have to go do. That’s just the way I have been.”
What are your big dreams? Where are your greatest risk? Get your own lucky charm on your back, cut off the feet of whatever is holding you back, turn on the music and take the path that Sara took – be fearless and take risk.
Your success is at the other side of fear. Take the risk now and crush your fear. Success is waiting for you.
You have something special!!!


  1. Because fear torments, it therefore has the potential to prevent or outrightly stops one from moving forward or achieving one’s goal. Therefore say no to fear and be determined to succeed

  2. The bible say God did not give us the spirit of fear, take a bold step ,face life challenges,,learn a skill don’t depend on your certificate alone, there a lot of skills you learn today that you earn more than what your certificate can give to you, join the tmc platform and add value to your life

  3. Thanks to TMC for this enlightment. If you conquer your fear, you will definitely succeed. Believe in yourself and always think positive. There is nothing we all can’t do if we are focused. A small business now,leads to a greater business in future.

  4. Success is waiting for me ooo l claim it in Jesus name Amen.We have a new face now after the maintenance earlier.Thanks themainCEOS it is super beautiful.

  5. Thanks for this motivational upright, fear kills dreams, cos when are afraid u won’t be able to take risk of doing something, and this life itself is a risk

  6. Let’s believe in ourselves because no one is born greater than the other, we are all born great… But depending on how strongly believe we are

  7. Yes ooo we will continue pushing and pushing till everything is alright.Failure is not a disease rather it is a preparatory of who you are.Don’t give up!!!

  8. If you are being fair with people by making things easy for them in the future those that you are being fair to will be the one to bless and make you rich in the future

  9. Nothing come easy in life not even the breath will take. Overcome your fear, Go for that business today, take that risks and become hero at the end.

  10. Thank you very much for your update,life us about rising and falling, if you don’t make mistake you can never learn the fear of failure will keep you at a spot, life it’s self is risky step out and learn a skill that will transform your life we all learn from our mistake

  11. I’m so excited to see this write up, very inspiring.
    We all should know that fear is killer of destiny and we should not pay attention to that so that we can achieve success.

  12. it therefore has the potential to prevent or outrightly stops one from moving forward or achieving one’s goal. Therefore say no to fear and be determined to succeed

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