Don’t eat all your seeds, Plant some of those seeds when they mature, eat from your harvest and repeat the process.
Wealth is not a jackpot, you don’t wake up one morning and meet wealth, rather, you deliberately plant it, water it and wait for it to grow.
Then remember to always repeat the process for it to continue to flow.
INVESTMENT is the key, Invest now in something and change your financial status.
To become successful in your God’s given vision, you need to do the following;
BELIEVE: while others are doubting
PLAN: while others are playing
STUDY: while others are sleeping
DECIDE: while others are delaying
PREPARE: while others are day-dreaming
BEGIN: while others are procrastinating
WORK: while others wishing
LISTEN: while others are talking
SMILE: while others are frowning
COMMEND: while others are Criticising
PERSIST: while others are quitting
It’s all about you

243 thoughts on “MONEY IS A SEED

  1. Seriously, it’s not about adding points for me, I’m in love with TMC because if the insightful thoughts and abundance of knowledge I get here. This is home for me!!!

  2. This is a real talk,its not easy to make money,if only we can follow all the procedure give to us by TMC to make the money will not be easy to get.Thanks to you.

  3. Information they say is power! It’s a continuous process, you have to plant in the planting season so you can harvest during the harvesting season

  4. In anything in dis life someone av to plan av believe to make it den do more research very well and den invest in ur future and wen it germinate d person will know where it belongs

  5. I have discovered in life that we have to make a lot of sacrifice to be at the top of where ever we want to be but we need to work hard every day to achieve our aim

  6. Money is a seed that must be planted wisely ,watered,nurture In order to bring forth its yield and increment..judicious use of money is a panacea for poverty

    1. Insightful… Just as the adage that says “you can’t eat your cake and have it”. Like wise money, we need to learn how to invest. Thanks for d update.

  7. Yes is a seed ,u just av to keep sowing while one day will come and u will reap everything in abundance… thanks for the update TMC

  8. It is good to always plan ahead life, don’t eat it all have a saving invest, becoz things might not turn out the way you expect them always have a plan B

  9. Poverty is something that one never wish for, but if you fail to plan and invest for the future you will get yourself to be blame tomorrow ,start with the little you have that is why it is call it is call the “seed” make your youthful life useful

  10. Money is a seed that grow and increase… And whenever its planted, there is always a very huge harvest that follows it. Thanks to themainceos.

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