Sometime ago Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola, Jimoh Ibrahim, Innoson, Ibeto, Mike Adenuga were looking at MKO Abiola, Nwanyawu, Igbinedion, Dantata as YOU are doing now.


Sometime ago Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho were looking at Maradonna, Roberto Baggio, Romario, Jeep Stam, Luther Mathaius as YOU are doing now.


Sometime ago Bill Gate, Warren Buffett, Carlos Helu were looking at Rosthschild, Rockefeller, Henry Ford as YOU are doing now.


Sometime ago GEJ, Late President Yar’adua were looking at Tafawa Balewa, Muritala M, IBB as YOU are doing now.


Sometime ago Baba Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Kumuyi were looking at Pastor Ayo Babalola, Baba Obadare, Bishop Idahosa, Pastor Kc Price as YOU are doing now.


The only thing that speaks in the lives of these people and the only difference among them is TIME and GRACE.
Your tomorrow is only in the hands of God. Get ready to fill the vacuum of the Legend you are looking at as you read this message. Grace of God will eventually take you there.


Don’t stop when the road is closed. Continue even if it will take you to create another. We will all get there by special grace of God.


Every king was once a crying baby, every Principal was once a Pupil and every building was once a picture. The person you admire so much was once a nobody.


The person you attended his or her wedding was once a chief bachelor or spinster.
As you keep praying, working and trusting God, your own heaven will open, in Jesus name.
God bless our hustle…


James Hilary Chukwuemeka: Your dreams will not come to fruition or reality until you set out to make it work, do something today that when you look back in the future you will be thankful you did.


          1. Yes, I can’t do it and I will do it..I shall never rest until my good is better success is mine

  1. Good motivational words. A thousand steps start in a day. Don’t wait till you have millions of naira before you do do something reasonable. Time waits for nobody.

  2. This is a food for thought, nice piece one just have to believe in yourself and stop trying to please people around you, you can do it no matter what if you scared of the unknown don’t worry just give it a trial,

  3. This is encouraging. Sometimes when we are about getting to the point of breakthrough, difficulties sets in. It takes a strong heart to continue to the finish line.

  4. Our actions or our deeds today have a long way into our future and a great architect of our destiny..a right and purposeful decision can makes us to become a point of reference to our generation and even beyond

  5. This is wonderful… I will never say i can’t do it again…God himself made us king over all things ,all creations, also over material things…. When you have a challenge over anything, my brother my sister, let us call unto God of gods,kings of kings,the olowo gbogboro….he is always there to help .he is the only one that can do what no human can do.

  6. As its often said that destiny can never be changed, but at same time bed rocks also matter. Whatever decision you take today, determines your future

    1. Wow.. I’m so pleased with this words of admonition .. Thanks for encouraging us today TMC.. We pray God’s Grace be sufficient for us in His own time IJN.. I will make sure I make my dream come to fruition by not giving up.. Thanks TMC.

  7. Wat a great information and dat is y God said dat dere is time for everything and everyone knows dat d plan today might be a better plan for tomorrow

  8. That’s it no condition is permanent.No one knows tomorrow we don’t need to relent stand up and say l can do it.No one wakes up One day and becomes a millionaire they all started from somewhere.May God give us the zeal and also show us the way forward to pursue our future to the greatest height Amen!!

  9. Waoo! Thanks for this great motivational talk, it helps me to no that I shd work hard and believe I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. Thanks TMC more knowledge, more greater heights

  10. Wow, wow, wow, really amazing and wonderful… We own our future by our actions.. Really superb……thanks for this great update or information. Themainceos still remains the best and perfect among all.

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