Good afternoon TMCites
Hope we are all having a great day
TMC is officially 2 months old today!!!
And we want to appreciate you (our dear ever supporting and understanding member) who truly understands our core values and are diligently working to make themselves better and also earn money for themselves, we are seeing your efforts, commitment, dedication, determination and resilience towards achieving success and we pray God Almighty/Allah will give you the ideas and strength to be steadfast in your hustle and in no distant time reach the top and remain there.
We love and cherish you being part of us.
We will also want to talk about our projects and how it works ad a reminder.


1. TMC Affiliate Program
This is strictly for those who have referred their friends and family to join TMC and the minimum threshold for payment request is #3,000
Payment request is on Friday
Payment proper starts Saturday
Until after 24 hours after payment proper day (Saturday) and you did not received your alert that you’re permitted to call the customer care representatives to complain.


We believe our entertainers are already acquainted with this. However see the image below for the competition:

3. TMC VTU business
Members are required to log unto and register for free and start their VTU business and make profit from using the services and products provided on the platform.
4. TMC Empowerment Program
This is a program designed to assist out members in there different hustle and business, which gave birth to TMC Loan Scheme
About TMC Loan Scheme
1. Members with realistic business plan.
2. Have not requested for any TMC points payment at any point in time.
3. Have been a member for not less than 2 months.
4. Dedication, commitment and loyalty to TMC during your membership period.
Note: Our loan is interest Free
More update coming soon for the next batch, as our first batch had been concluded
Stay tuned for more updates…
Thanks for your understanding and do have a stress free day
From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC


  1. Thanks u boss but I didn’t see anything on activity points payment, hope it has not been scrapped……. If it has been scrapped let us know on time tho

  2. Appreciation to Tmc and it’s crew for giving us the opportunity to be our own boss. I want to say a big THANK YOU and congratulations to you on the achievements so far.

  3. This is interesting…. Please how do we go about it. Some want to participate in the singing competition.. But we don’t really know how to go about it… Please make the process more clearer ..thanks

  4. Thanks to themainceos for your consistent effort in making sure the rules and regulations are well guilded, and also given we the members the opportunity to make good use of our talents, I pray God continually bless you and I promise to always abide by the rules and never to be caught unawares

  5. We also appreciate the good work that TMC is doing,because everybody knows how Nigeria is,and yet you are making efforts to put smile on people’s face. Kudos

  6. Wowwwww! A big Congrat TMC.. So glad to be in this platform.. Greater works and greater height is my prayer for you… Congrat once again.

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