Good afternoon TMCites
We would love to address the situation of TMC points because of the concerns amongst members who still fails to understand Us.
TMC points payment is a Bonus for members as stated in our policy and as such we are not coerced to such payment as if it is a monthly salary or compulsory payment.
We are not a reading news platform and as such we don’t pay any member for not doing anything because the ideology (kindly read our Vision and Mission) of The Main CEOs is to bring together a group of serious minded individuals who want to work and earn and not reading content and expecting to get paid without working just for that.
Kindly note that TMC is providing you with various alternative ways of making money for yourself, we are proud to say that we are the first (unarguably) and only (arguable) affiliate Platform to offer services to its members. But we are not bragging about that because we owe it all to God Almighty who through his Grace we have been able to achieve this feat, but for the record let us give you the opportunities which we have presented already
TMC Affiliate Program
TMC VTU business
TMC Empowerment program
TMC Training Program
More loading… Just wait and see
Now we would want you to go and do a research and check how many platforms around had or has provided its members with services like we do… We will stop here and until after your findings then we can continue this discussion.
In addition to the stated above we want to announce that TMC points payment starts today and runs throughout the week, on that note:
1. No member should call or WhatsApp our customer care representatives about the payment.
2. The payment is not everyone but only for those who meet the requirements.
3. Members under considerations for payment are those who joined on or before 15th May, 2020.
4. If you don’t get paid then kindly wait for next batch.
5. If you have violated any of rules, then kindly forget about payment.
6. If you accumulated points illegally then also forget about payment.
7. If you applied for payment without meeting the 20,000 threshold mark, you will be fined 8,000 TMC points.
8. If you applied for payment and did not post viral share or started posting viral share as from 10th of May then you’ll be fined 8,000 TMC points.
After much deliberated considerations, we also want to announce that after the TMC points payment for June we will be scrapping off TMC points payment totally from the platform.
Note: June payment will be determined by the compliance of members as regards to our core value because any member who call or WhatsApp our customer care representatives, admins, E-pin vendors or the CEO to talk or complain about TMC points payment then the scrapping will take effect after the current payment.
Let’s be guided


TMC points Usage
1. Advert subscription.
2. Competition subscription.
3. Registration of prospect.
4. Birthday, Shout out and anniversary subscription.


Everyone who has prospect to introduce to the platform should desist from telling lies to them, let them read TMC income and if they are okay with our terms and conditions can join.
Any more complain of upline telling any down line or prospect that they can read content and get paid without working on our platform, we will treat it as Defamatory and Scam and handle it as such.
From: CEO and Administrative Board TMC
Through: Customer Care TMC

344 thoughts on “TMC POINTS UPDATE (MUST READ)

  1. hhmm I don’t even know what to say,instead of we should focus on above affiliate programs we are after points…….tmc admins make una no vex abeg

  2. This is totally different from what I was told by my upline, so, you mean I can’t get paid for my points…. So, how else do I make gain for my investment no matter how small.

  3. Thanks for the update but scrapping the point payment is not ideal cos many of us who adhere to the instructions should not be treated as same as defaulters.

  4. hmmm, this is serious oo
    boss, please don’t be angry again, remember you’re dealing with human being that is full of complain and ungrateful to imperative value , please forgive us for we don’t know what we are doing , THE BOSS HIMSELF, YOU HAVE DONE MORE THAN ENOUGH ALREADY, THANK FOR ALL

  5. I joined but has not been punctual in sharing viral post. I never knew it is all that serious. In that case I will not request to withdraw o

  6. This is a serious matter. Please don’t scrape off the point payments cause I noticed to invite people, the first question they ask is have you been paid? Nobody wants to venture into something that someone they know is into it hasn’t benefitted from. Please TMC.

  7. Yes that very very good warning people only sees this platform as reading content and cash out immediatly which shouldn’t be so comes to WhatsApp group and see many ungrateful soul expecting cashing out what they didn’t labor all because they were not ready to learn, this will be so helpful if you are not interested anymore then quit

  8. Fact you’re saying .But if TMC don’t pay through points again, How I’m I going to prove my referral through my account for those people I’m in inviting to join TMC,..At least

  9. There is no doubt TMC is really trying….with all the services you renders and also give away…..if you don’t give us bonus at the end of the month….it worth it

  10. TMC u are real.but pls consider us that refer people to this platform through our experiences and our points… people are so inconsiderate and absurd sometimes. TMC u are really doing well

  11. Thank you sir for the warnings, all I ask is to temper justice with mercy no one is perfect we are all humans and tend to make mistakes, before I joined this group I believed in it that is why I took it so serious to the point dat i miss my night sleep till in the morning before I could sleep, all because am just eager to know more because I believe knowledge is power, and without it you become powerless, money is good but knoledge is the key, I will forever be grateful to this platforn, even though Ave not experienced payment, considering d fact dat am a newbies, buh I believe what am learning from this group will benefit me in the nearest future

  12. The main reason ppl joined was to earn online and this was due to the proposal of joining TMC so I think TMC should take time to announce this to all members b4 carry out consequences of defaulters

  13. Almost everyone joined to earn online and this was due to the advertisement of joining TMC so I think TMC should address the issue and there should be some level of leniency in the consequences of the defaulted rules

  14. Totally different to what I was told..reffered 3:people wrongly given 2..cudnt get my cash out now loss out on my point what s d main thing

  15. Okay, this is a really important notice.. I would like to add a little opinion or advice to my fellow TMCite. This platform contains so many opportunity that we can’t see else where so lets try our possible best to indulge ourselves in one or two of it activities and I believe we will be having upper hand than our contemprories when it comes to skills acquistion. Make use of this rare opportunity wisely. Thanks.

  16. Carry go themainceos for this great and wonderful update.. Thanks and remember this still remains the best platform so far, ad far as am concerned.

  17. In support to the last comments. Read and earn was what u said before bringing us in ,,, I think they are turning things around now since they have us here

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