15-Year-Old Boy Marries 22-Year-Old Lady In Abia State (Photos)

Meet Abraham Samuel, The 15 Year Old Boy Who Got Married To A 22 Year Old Girl In Abia State

It was an emotional second on Sunday 26 April 2020 in Amaiyi Igbere in Bende L.G.A of Abia State when a multi year old kid by name Abraham Samuel Onuoha got hitched to a multi year old Anurika John from Akeze from Ebonyi State.

Samuel is the main child generally Mr. Abraham Onuoha of Ndi-Ekpere in Amaiyi Igbere, who kicked the bucket in 2010. As indicated by the mother, Mrs. Harmony Abraham, Samuel was conceived in 2005 after numerous long stretches of marriage without a kid.

In a meeting, one of the townspeople uncovered that they were in astounding astonishment that Sunday morning while the pastor accountable for Assemblies of God Church Amaiyi Igbere reported the wedding and that they are as yet suspecting the explanation behind that marriage, saying that the kid is simply too delicate to be in any way engaged with that sort of relationship for the time being, additionally thinking about that the lady in inquiry is more established than him.

His mom additionally uncovered in a meeting that she had to acknowledge because of the state of her significant other’s family.

The pastor accountable for Assemblies of God Church Amaiyi Igbere, Rev. Okoro Ogbu while tending to the compliment trained them not to be astonished by method for the marriage, that his own family have encountered such a great deal of issues in the past which an individual need to take up an endeavor to revamp the family, and there might be no other character beside Samuel in the family so his age ought to not the slightest bit be an obstruction in arriving at the reason.

The event pulled in all the pastors of Assemblies of God Church Igbere segment, companions and family members of the lady of the hour and groom and the Amaiyi Igbere people group on the loose.

350 thoughts on “15-Year-Old Boy Marries 22-Year-Old Lady In Abia State (Photos)

  1. I think is a good thing now, because instead of them be doing prostitute they we become family’s,,,,….
    Hmmm.beside I don’t think the love is going to be a geniue one

  2. He is just a child.. What a news… Good of TMC to always give vital infomations of the happening in the society thanks for the info.

  3. A disgrace to humanity.. What a news… Good of TMC to always give vital infomations of the happening in the society thanks for the info.

  4. This is really child abuse. If it were to be the lady that is underage and the guy is old enough , the guy will be questioned. But why this?

  5. She doesn’t look happy but oh well What a news… Good of TMC to always give vital infomations of the happening in the society thanks for the info.

  6. Yeah, it’s not a crime if a woman is older than her hubby.
    What’s most important is love, and once there’s love, it’s nothing to worry about!

  7. 15yrs is still a juvenile and can not be held liable until he is 18.
    The wife is 21 so could be held solely liable for her actions.
    In other words,she would be the man I this union while the child would be the woman in this union till he attains full age of responsibility.
    Haba !!! what do you expect me to say?

  8. Haaaa, this is so hilarious. Of what age to what age. 15-22. Assuming the lady is 22years now, e better.

    Let us subject to love if this is one.

  9. about ?

    Why this topic today .. we must balance everything in other not to make mistake in life..

    most of my female friends has started saying , I belong to TMC …smile

    let me belong to you guys , once you guys are smiling , I’m okey with that ….

    my ladies, listen now.

    Girls at the age of 18-24 years always attract serious men who are fully ready to marry them, bu

  10. Although, this is not the first case whereby wife will be older than the husband, but simply because the boy is so young that he may not be able to handle some issues. relating to marriage. Since they are married already, what is left for us is to pray for them and wish them well

  11. This is bad their parents should have council them properly in other for dem to know what marriage is all about. Is not about getting married but doing it the right way

  12. Hnmmm I can’t stop laughing TMC, what kind of wedding is this one ooooo? If you got the mother right, I think the reason for the early marriage is because the boy is the only son of the family..

  13. Eeeeehhh eleyi ma was ga bayi ooo, although this is not the first time that husband will b older than the wife. But is this boy not too small for this? The boy that shd still b under The parents care.
    Hmmmmmmmm happy married life oooo, but abeg don’t let me hear u guys want to divorce oo

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