193 thoughts on “14/06/2020 VIRAL SHARE

  1. This is absolutely amazing, from TMC, I have never seen a platform like this before.
    I pray may God answer all our secret prayers during this three days prayer and fasting.

  2. Happy Sunday Team money makers.Let’s us all call on God by you a Christian or Muslim for him alone has the power to do all things.May God almighty answer all our prayers as we pray with one voice AMEN!!!

  3. This is really good.. It’s a good thing to put God first in all our endeavors.. Prayer is the key to success. Even the lord said we should as and it shall be given to us,we ask through prayers and i pray the lord answers our prayers in Jesus name..

  4. Nice to hear this
    Most especially in this days
    We God in our life
    Because we’re in end times
    Prayer is the only way to succeed in life and is the only way to communicate with God.

  5. Prayer is the key. With prayers all things are possible. May Almighty God continue to answer our open and silent prayers. Amen. Thanks TMC for this great lesson.

  6. Thanks TMC.Im not too surprised because I know TMC is a total package.Thanks for this section,we need it.God is the way, the truth and the light

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